Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sweater Vest - Our Heavenly Fathers Love.

I know the title may seem a little funny, but in fact I am talking about a sweater vest.
Once upon a mission, a certain missionary (before his mission) had bought three sweater vests (well his parents did because of the goodness of their hearts. They really love their missionaries.) One day, when the weather got cold, this certain missionary decided that he wanted to wear his sweater vest because he wanted to stay warm and not freeze when they were outside. When his companion saw what he was wearing decided to rebuke him instead of complementing him on how professional he looked. Now this missionary decided that he liked his sweater vest a lot and it kept him warm, so he decided to ignore the comments from everyone that would make a comment about what he wore.
Now in our own individual lives, we have what is called our "comfort zone." What we wear. What we eat and how we eat it. How we speak and our many different opinions. Everybody who has walked this green earth (and the brown parts too) has had or has a "comfort zone." But others will look at someone and decide because you don't share the exact same views as they do, your not normal. First off, everybody is different and that makes us pretty normal. Second off, we are uniquely different because if you could imagine if everybody was the same. I think that would super boring.
 But the most important thing that we can remember is that no matter who you are, where you've been and what your personality is, your Heavenly Father loves you the way you are. Heavenly Father loves this missionary who wears sweater vests as much as he loves Albert Einstein or Adolph Hitler or the hobo who doesn't have a home because he's addicted to alcohol. You are His child and he loves you very much for the person that you are. So when your teased for something that you wear or eat or say or do, just remember Heavenly Father would be at your side and would praise you for the good things that you do in this life. Your not an alien in His eyes because your His child. So don't let what others say about you stop what you wear and say and what ever it may be because you are special in your own unique way and just remember that Heavenly Father loves you for who you are and that's all that matters.

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